Book Review: More Lost Than Found – Jared Herd

We are all on a journey for purpose. For those of us who claim the Christian faith, our journey is most often a time of deconstructing what others pushed on us. Jared, in More Lost Than Found, presents us with his own journey and the simple truth that it is OK to search, to define, to claim for ourselves. I highly recommend Jared’s book for those who are searching and the calming feeling of knowing someone is right beside you on the same journey. We may take different paths but we are all journeying. The key is the bedrock -the beautiful life and sacrifice of Christ.

P.S.: For the Frederick Buechner fans out there pay special attention to the final two chapters of the book. Jared has definitely plugged into Buechner’s thoughts on the dynamic beauty of the the Christian story.

“The Gospel is bad news before it is good news.”
He sees the story of Jesus as saturated with the tragedy of human failure, the comedy of being loved overwhelmingly by God despite that failure, and the fairy tale of transformation through that love. Specifically, he pushes teachers of the gospels to teach them in light of these categories. (Thanks Brandon Vogt)

Pick up the book. It is well worth your time.


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